Boundary Commission New Draft Recommendations for Bedford Borough Ward Boundaries. Consultation Closes 5 July 2021

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying
out an electoral review of the ward boundaries in Bedford Borough.
The principal reason for this review is that the planned and anticipated development within the Borough would significantly affect
voting equality unless the ward structure is changed.
The outcome will determine which parishes we are grouped with in future
elections for Borough councillors and how many councillors will
represent our ward.
Currently Cardington is grouped with Ravensden, Renhold, Great
Barford, Willington and Cople forming Great Barford Ward,
represented by 2 Borough councillors. The Recommendations consulted on last December re-grouped Cardington with Wilshamstead, Cotton End and Cople in a new Wilshamstead Ward represented by 1 Borough councillor, on the basis that it comprised parishes where little further development is anticipated.

In the December consultation Cardington Parish Council was alone in supporting the Wilmshamstead Ward proposal and in the Commission’s New Recommendations the proposal is to group Cardington with Shortstown, Cotton End and Cople in a new Shortstown Ward represented by 2 Borough councillors.
Full details of the Review and how to submit comments are at httpd:// . Cardington Parish Council will be considering a response to the New Recommendations and if you have views on the Review that you would like us to take into account, whether or not you intend to submit them personally, please let us know, preferably by email to The Clerk at .