Cardington Parish Council

               3 The Green


                MK44 3TE

       Michael Dewar Clerk  


For the March 2021 meeting, Councillors will discuss business through Zoom, email and telephone contact from the week beginning Monday 1st March and will aim to conclude on Monday 8th March.

This remote working means that the meeting cannot be open to the public in the usual way. To compensate for this, Cardington residents may submit comments on agenda items and matters arising from the draft minutes of the January 2021 meeting for which they have particular concerns to the Parish Clerk, preferably by email to

The Agenda for the March 2021 meeting will be posted on the Parish Council notice boards and on the website, . The draft minutes of the January meeting are subject to formal approval at the March meeting but can be seen now on the website.

The Meeting of Cardington Parish Council will be held virtually by Zoom, email and telephone contact through the week beginning Monday 1st March and will conclude on Monday 8th March 2021.

Agenda item

1)        Apology for Absence

2)        To consider the co-option of Carole Verity to Cardington Parish Council.

3)        Declaration of Interest

4)        Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th January 2021

5)        Matters arising from the Minutes

6)        Crime Reduction Report

7)        Borough Councillors’ Report

8)        Parish Councillors’ Reports

9)        Planning Report

Application 20/00901, E&SE Land Parcels

Planning enforcement investigations

20/00298.ADS Use of “New Cardington” by Ashberry Homes

BBC296043693 “Cardington” sign on A600, Gallagher Developments

BBC298268566 Access to Southill Road from Shed 2, Cardington Airfield.

10)       Highways Report

Highways work in the village

SpeedWatch signs update

11)       The Green

Safety book signing

Replacement of elm tree – report

Waste/Dog waste Bin

Dog Watch update

12)       Burial Ground and Churchyard Matters

Request for future interment of ashes in the new Cemetery

13)       Finance Report

Payments and Bank Report

NPG Financial report return of grant funds

14)       Any Other Business and next meeting agenda items.

Date of the Annual Parish Meeting

15)       Correspondence for Action