Cardington Parish Council Meeting September 2020

Cardington Parish Council 

3 The Green    Cardington

 MK44 3TE

 Michael Dewar Clerk  





While restrictions on physical distancing remain in force, meetings of the Parish Council will continue to be conducted remotely. For the September 2020 meeting, Councillors will discuss business through email and telephone contact from the week beginning Monday 24 August and will aim to conclude on Monday 7 September.
This remote working means that the meeting cannot be open to the public in the usual way. To compensate for this, Cardington residents may submit comments on agenda items for which they have particular concerns to the Parish Clerk, also from the week beginning Monday 24 August, preferably by email to
The Agenda for the September meeting will be posted on the 2 Parish Council notice boards and on the website, . The draft minutes of the July meeting are subject to formal approval at the September meeting but can also be seen on the website.

Agenda for virtual Parish Council Meeting for September 2020

Agenda item

1)        Declaration of Interest

2)        Minutes of the Virtual Meeting for July 2020

3)        Matters arising from the Minutes

4)        Borough Councillors’ Report            Attached to Minutes

5)         Parish Councillors’ Reports

6)         Planning Report

  • Planning Application 20/00901, E & SE Land Parcel.
  • Use of “New Cardington” Update.
  • Neighbourhood Plan Group Report
  • PC response to Local Plan Review.

7)         Web site Accessibility Legislation

8)         Crime Report            Crime statistics circulated

10)       Highways Report.

Highways work update.

“Use the bin provided for waste” sign for Holm Oak Green Entrance

11)       The Green

  • Safety book signing
  • Swing and table cleared for use 23/07/2020
  • Red Phone Box repainting
  • Additional bin for top end of West Green
  • Defibrillator change of administrator

13)       Burial Ground and Churchyard Matters

Reynolds booked for Cemetery hedge trimming in the  autumn

12)       Finance Report

  • Payments and Bank Report
  • Web site accessibility legislation possibility cost for implementation

13)       Any Other Business and next meeting agenda items.

14)       Correspondence for Action