Cancelled – Parish Council Meeting

Agenda for virtual Parish Council Meeting for July 2020

Agenda item:

  1. Declaration of Interest
  2. Minutes of the Virtual Meeting for May 2020
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes
  4. Borough Councillors’ Report
    Attached to Minutes
  5. Parish Councillors’ Reports
  6. Planning Report
    Planning Application 20/00901, E & SE Land Parcels.
    Neighbourhood Plan Group Report
    Mapping work being carried out.
  7. Crime Report
    Crime statistics circulated
    Transport of stolen agricultural equipment through Cardington Parish.
  8. Highways Report
    Highways work update
    Anglian Water Bedford Road leak
  9. The Green
    Safety book signing
    East Green fencing- Cllr Martin-Moran-Bryant attending
  10. Burial Ground and Churchyard Matters
    Closed Cemetery work to clear vegetation carried out
  11. Finance Report
    • Payments and Bank Report
    • Office accommodation and equipment yearly charge (£200)
    • Clerk’s salary review
    • £4084 Locality grant for NPG received
  12. Any Other Business and next meeting agenda items.
  13. Correspondence for Action